How we work


At The Accounting Studio our aim is to make your life as simple as possible. If you already have an accountant, we can manage the transition process from your existing accountant to us, leaving you to get on with taking care of your business.

We think we have the most straight-forward sign-up process of any accounting firm in the UK. One phone call, one short form, a few clicks and your done!





Just four simple steps towards signing up as a client of The Accounting Studio...





...its that simple

What's it like once you have joined?

We highly recommend cloud accounting software. When it comes to your year end you can just grant us access to your accounts and we can take it from there. We will still need to discuss things with you from time to time, and obviously you are welcome to call us to chat through your business - we're here to help in any way we can.

After you sign up we'll send you details about the key dates for your business - dates your tax return needs to be filed by, dates your tax needs to be paid, dates we need to have certain information from you by. There are some things we can't do for you (like pay the tax), but we will work tirelessly to make your life simpler and easier.

If you need help setting up your cloud accounting system, we can help. With a bit of planning and structure, its possible to systematise and automate much of the admin that can so easily take up so much of your time. 

Its what we do. We're here it help!