Company secretary

Company Secretary Services

If you are an owner or director of a company, then that company has a range of obligations with Companies House.  The Accounting Studio can help you with your obligations towards Companies House.

If you add our Company Secretary Services bolt-on we can help you by

  • Submitting your accounts to the Register
  • Completing and submitting your annual return (now the confirmation statement) with Companies House
  • Completing and submitting other forms, on your instruction, as required
  • Maintaining and updating the statutory books based on your instructions

You will need to inform us of changes, but we can take care of the admin around it to make sure you are nice and compliant.

As this is a bolt on service, if you would prefer to do this yourself, and save yourself some money, that is fine with us, however we are here to help if you need us.

Our flexible package means you have the benefits of fixed fees and no surprises, but only pay for the services you actually need or want.

Have a look at our free online instant quotation engine to find out how little we charge for our services!

NOTE: you only need this if you operate through a company. If you are sole trader or self employed, you don't need this! Hooray!