Landlords – Individuals

Unincorporated Landlords for Self Assessment

If you own properties that you personally own (as opposed to through a company) and you rent them out, you will need to account for this income in your Self Assessment Tax Return.

Whether you rent a room out in your house, rent out your old flat, have a holiday property that you let out, or are working your way towards being a fully fledged property entrepreneur with multiple properties, we can help take care of calculating what your property income is, and calculating what tax you owe.

Its fair to say that in recent years the UK tax system has become increasingly hostile towards buy-to-let landlords. The tax regime has pushed many landlords into loss making situations.

We can't change the tax laws, and unfortunately there are only limited remedies to the recent changes in tax for landlords, but we should be able to at least reduce your accountancy bill.

We only offer this service as a bolt on to our Core Service - check out our quotes to find out how much you could be saving.

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