Payroll for small businesses

If you employ staff then you will need to run a payroll.

If you are a director of your own company, it may be tax efficient to pay yourself a salary

If there is one group of people you don't want to upset with late or incorrect salary payments, its your staff!

With HMRC's introduction of real time information (RTI) running a payroll is a far more  rigorous process than it once was

The Accounting Studio can run your payroll for you so you never have to worry about paying your staff the right amounts, or keep on top of what you have to pay over to HMRC, or when.

On top of that, we can also take care of all the year end payroll processes, as they arise, including communicating with HMRC for your year end Full Payment Submission (FPS) but also handling your staff benefits.

Many staff benefits attract a specific type of tax - Class 1a NIC. There are two options for such benefits - paying via the P11d at the end of the year, or, recently introduced by HMRC, the ability to "payroll" the benefits.

We can help you to navigate this system to give you a hassle free life, and  if you've taken advantage of our Tax Advisory Service, we can show you how to get lots of benefits either tax free, or in a way that is cheaper from a tax perspective than just paying for it out of your post tax salary.

Suffice to say, if you have payroll requirements, we can help!