Cheap Accountant Fees

How do we keep our fees so affordable?

Here's how we do it - its not rocket science

Online Only

We operate online. This allows us to operate across the UK. Our clients are more than happy to trade face-to-face meetings in return for lower fees.


We simplify, systematise and automate everything to the extent that it benefits our clients.


We only look after small businesses - we stick to what we're good at which allows us to operate efficiently

Lean business

A fancy office doesn't necessarily mean a great work environment - great work environments are created by great people doing meaningful work and being appreciated for their efforts, going home at the end of the day with a sense of achievement. By looking after our staff, they can look after you!


We train a lot. We train to make sure that we are the very best at what we do. And we are always looking to get better. We are a firm of Chartered Accountants, which makes us world class finance professionals! The training to become a Chartered Accountant is huge but we take it even further to ensure that every accountant that works for us has the specific training and experience to make a real difference to small businesses


We use technology as a tool, to make our lives better, more efficient and more connected. This frees up time that allows us to deliver value to you that only humans can bring. Computers can do a great deal, but sometimes you need a real person to help you though

More than just a Cheap Accountant

 Whilst we offer outrageously low fees, we still offer exceptional value for money for our clients. With our fees starting from £18.25 per month our clients benefit from both low accountancy bills, but high quality skill, knowledge and service!

We are Chartered Accountants. That means we are both run by fully qualified accountants (ACA) and regulated by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales (ICAEW).

Being Chartered Accountants puts us in good company -

Being regulated by the ICAEW means that we have to stick to strict ethical standards (such as not getting you involved in dodgy tax schemes that will cost you more than you ever stood to save) and gives you assurance that we will always act in your best interest. You have the reassurance that there is someone to report us to if for some reason something were to go wrong - we are please to say that this has never been required, but it gives you peace of mind

What this means for you is you can rest assured that even though our fees are low, our standards are high.

So whether you're looking for a cheap accountant, or more than just a cheap accountant, you're in safe hands

Understanding your fee quote

If you haven't yet got a quote - we strongly recommend that you get one. Its free, instant and isn't' designed to be an email capture tool. You only contact us if you want to take it further!

There are three aspects to our quote

  • Fees for the previous year
    • If you have opted for a service relating to the previous year (for instance your year end accounts and tax return for the year just gone), we will require a one off fee to cover this work
  • Backdated fees for the current year
    • If you are joining The Accounting Studio mid-way through the year, some of our services cover the entire year - such as your current year accounts and tax return. In this situation we need to charge you fees as if you had joined at the beginning of the year
    • Other services, such as payroll, and most VAT schemes, do not need to be back-dated as there is very little work for us to do relating to prior periods. We don't think its right to charge you for this, so we don't. This helps to keep your accountancy fees as cheap as possible
  • Ongoing monthly fees
    • This is your monthly fee for all services going forward. 

We agree it is a little bit complicated, but we think its worth it to give you the lowest fees available. You only pay for the services you need, and you know exactly what your fee will be