Confirmation Statement & Basic Company Secretarial

Every year you need to file a confirmation statement at Companies House, letting them know of any changes in the company, such as addresses, directors, shareholders and share structure. There is a relatively short timescale in which to file it and many businesses miss the deadline which can lead to fines, and in the worst case scenario, in having your company struck off and the assests ceased by the state (known as “bona vacantia” – literally ownerless property – this is the same process as estates of deceased going to the crown when there is no will or known family).

Its possible to get it back, but expensive. Rather than running the risk of missed deadlines, why not let The Accounting Studio take care of it for you.

As part of this process we will also

  • Update your addresses at Companies House
  • Update your addresses where we are able to with HMRC
  • Add and remove directors at your direction
  • Add and remove individuals on the Persons with Significant Influence at Companies House

Where you have more complex needs, such as arranging a share transfer, share restructuring (for example setting up an alphabet share structure) we can assist there as a separate engagement.

You will still need to maintain the statutory books and records, such as maintaining an official register of the shareholders and directors). Should you need support with that we can provide you with our Maintenance of Statutory Register service.

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