Growth Services

Our growth services to really help your business to take off

Management Accounts

Management Accounts are a fundamental element in understanding your business better. At The Accounting Studio, however, we don’t like to just prepare management accounts, just because….there has got to be a reason for the numbers you are looking at. Whether it’s tracking your progress against a plan, looking for early warning signals that something is […]

Fundraising support

The Accounting Studio can support you company with raising funds to invest in your business. Whether you are seeking a bank loan, government financing or peer-to-peer lending, we can assist with both the supporting documents and business plans, as well as the negotiations with the funding provider to help you get the best deal for […]

Profit extraction

Keep more of what you earn We can help you find the right mix and methods to extract your profit from your company, tailored to your personal financial circumstances. Whether its a basic mix of dividends and profits, or a more complex solutions involving alphabet share structures, we can help you to keep more of […]

Share Structuring

There comes a time in a business when the sole shareholder structure may no longer be enough. Some time this will be motivated by tax, and other times it may be a way of taking on external equity funding, or effectively bringing on a partner. It may be that you are an established business looking […]

Employee Rewards

Keep you team focussed on the things you want to be Rewarding your employees broadly falls into two areas – tax efficient rewards, and bonus structures Bonus Structure Setting up a bonus structure can be tricky – the law of unintended consequences can rear its ugly head. But a well designed bonus structure, whether its […]

Cashflow forecasts

The Accounting Studio can offer cashflow forecast services to your limited company, to help you plan and manage your finances. Whether it’s managing tax bills, or making a large decision, cashflow forecasts can give you real visibility over where you are now and where you may be in the future.

Short Term Business Planning

Our short and medium term business planning is specifically designed to give you rapid visibility as to what’s coming down the road right now. Often, in growing and dynamic businesses, long range forecasts can only ever be a blurry picture of what might happen, but with a 2 to 24 month forecast, we can really […]

Research & Development Tax Credits

If you are a growing business, particularly if you are developing something new, you may be eligible for Research and Development tax credits. If you are putting resources into finding a new way of doing something and overcoming barriers, regardless of whether you are successful or not, you may be able to claim a really […]

Accounting Software Set up & Implementation

Release the FULL power of your cloud accounting system Modern accounting systems are designed for non-accountants to take control of their bookkeeping. Whether you use Xero, FreeAgent, Quickbooks or some other software, having a well implemented system can help you to harness the all the incredible features of these systems. Many of these systems have […]

Software Training

Take control of your finance function It’s incredibly important, as a business owner that you are familiar with your finance function and are able to access the information you need, when you need it. Even if you outsource everything, we encourage all our clients to be actively involved in the finances of their businesses.