Director’s Services

We look after you, as well as your company

Director’s personal tax return

As a director and/or shareholder you will very likely need to file a self-assessment tax return each year. The Accounting Studio’s team are on hand to prepare you personal tax return each year, as well as to provide advice to ensure you pay no more tax than is necessary.

Property Income

We can provide the directors with services to meet their personal financial needs. Where you have property income that needs to be accounted for as part of self assessment, we can take care of that for you as well

Capital Gains – Share Portfolio

Where you have a share portfolio, particularly if you have been trading in shares in the year on a regular basis, this can get quite complex. There are specific share matching rules that can be complex to apply. Using unique, bespoke software we are able carve through your transactions to rapidly and accurately apply these […]

Capital Gains – Properties

The reporting requirements around the selling of residential properties has increased significantly in recent years. We can help you with the calculation and reporting when you come to sell a property, and provide you with the necessary advice to help you save as much on capital gains tax as possible.

Capital Gains – Exit Management

When you come to exit your business, it’s essential that it is done in a particular way (that may differ from person to person), in order to avoid some unnecessarily large capital gains tax charges. If you are thinking of exiting your business, don’t wait until the end to let us know – get in […]

Mortgage lending and property letting support

Being a director and owner of a company brings its own complexities when looking to purchase a house, or rent a property. Talk to us today to find out how we can support you in this process, whether its mortgage applications, letting references or profit extraction for your deposit. We have some clever tricks up […]