Accountant for Software Developers

You guessed it...

...we like to code (but we are not like you - we are just amateurs.)

However, with a background in computer science we are in quite an unusual position for accountants to really understand your needs.

That makes things like R&D tax credits far more meaningful as we have an understanding of both the tax and the technology involved.

Debugging your finance function

Having a keen interest in IT means we can also better help you with your accounts.

Whether it is setting up your business so that it works efficiently and integrates with your apps, navigating overseas VAT or preparing your business for raising funds, we can help you.

We know the accounts are not going to be the highest priority to you but we will be there to make sure that what needs to happen does happen, and make sure you are claim back what you can to make your funds stretch further.

Where you are developing your own product, or providing services to another firm, we can help make sure that your accounts are where they need to be so you don't have to spend more time on it than is necessary.

Reasons why we're the right accountant for software developers

Super efficient working

We are already a super-efficient accountancy firm, but we will never stop striving for better ways to make your life easier by improving our own processes.

Fixed fees - predictable costs

Our fixed fee packages mean that you can budget for you accounting as you go through the year, and not be hit by any surprise large bills at the end of the year.

Truly supported

All our plans come with accounting support (if you get stuck using your accounting software, or need some help with a particular transaction), quick queries (10 minute queries are totally free) and profit extraction advice (how to get your money out of your business without overpaying tax) as standard. That way you are fully supported in all your endeavours.

Sleep at night

Don't lose any sleep worrying about whether your accounts are in order, or wondering what surprise is round the next corner. Let us help you with your accounts and rediscover your inner calm

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