Accountants for Business Coaches

The most rewarding job in business?

Whether you have an online course you are selling, do mastermind group coaching or one to one development, being a coach is one of the most rewarding activities you can engage in in business.

Blending your expertise with your client's to tease out of them the best version of themselves, and seeing them grow and develop is a beautiful thing to watch.

We can help you set up the business side of things so that it can take care of itself, so you are not distracted and can focus on helping your clients achieve the success they deserve.

Right beside you through feast or famine

In the early days, before you are established, we know that cashflow can be hard, so having predictable monthly costs is preferable to a large, unexpected bill at the end of the year.

Knowing what your tax position is at any given point is also helpful for budgeting. We can help with both.

If you sell online courses, you will need to take particular care over the VAT situation as there are some significant complexities around the supply of digital services outside of the UK that may require you to register for VAT in every EU country you sell in! Thankfully there are ways to deal with this but in needs to be done correctly to avoid trouble.

You need an accountant who knows their way around these rules, particularly around the use of digital platforms. We've helped may business owners in this regard.


Reasons why we're the right accountant for business coaches

Truly supported

Our plans come with accounting support (help with your accounting and accounting software), quick queries (10 minute queries are totally free) and profit extraction advice (how to get your money out of your business without overpaying tax) as standard. That way you are fully supported in all your endeavours.

Fixed Fees

No more large unexpected accountancy fees at the year end. We work out what you need and charge a fixed monthly fee on the basis of that, so you always know where you are up to. Nice and simple

Award winning accountancy

We've been voted as the one of the top three accountancy firms in Southampton by Top Three Rated for three years in a row

Sleep at night

Don't lose any sleep worrying about whether your accounts are in order, or wondering what surprise is round the next corner. Let us help you with your accounts and rediscover your inner calm

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