Accountants for Dentists

An accountant with the unique experience of acquiring, owning and running a dental practice

Dental accounting can be complex - we don't need to tell you that.

Whether you are managing a your UDAs in a GDS or PDS NHS contract, growing your private business through plans such as Denplan, Practiceplan or another plan provider, or building your fee per item private book, we have experience with all.

Having acquired and helped run a number of detail practices, through the Denplan Partnerships scheme, we have the the experience to see you through from start up, operating, growth and exit of your private, mixed or NHS only detal practice.

BDA compliant associate contracts area must

If you are an associate dentist, you need an accountant that understands the dental industry, in particular, the need for a BDA compliant associate contract to avoid being treated as within the IR35 rules and being taxed as an employee.

Having significant experience of the dental industry (including being the Head of Finance at Denplan Parternships for several years), we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise you can draw on.

Whether you are continuing as an associate, or are planning to acquire your first practice, we can support you on your journey.

Reasons why we're the right accountant for principal and associate dentists

Fixed Fees

No more large unexpected accountancy fees at the year end.

We work out what you need and charge a fixed monthly fee on the basis of that, so you always know where you are up to.

Nice and simple

Truly supported

All our plans come with accounting support (if you get stuck using your accounting software, or need some help with a particular transaction), quick queries (10 minute queries are totally free) and profit extraction advice (how to get your money out of your business without overpaying tax) as standard. That way you are fully supported in all your endeavours.

Industry expertise

We are in a unique position of having both acquired, owned and operated dental practices as part of the Denplan Partnership scheme.

This brings insight into how you work that is unparalled by most other accountants

Qualified Chartered Accountants

Anyone can call themselves an accountant, but in order to call yourself a Chartered Accountant you have to be qualified, experienced and regulated by the ICAEW.

You wouldn't want someone going to a qualified by experience dentists. Why would you accept the same for you accountancy

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