Business Planning and Scenario Planning

Tell us your plans and well paint you a picture

Using our unrivalled expertise in financial modelling, we have the ability to take your ideas and ambitions, turn them into a financial model. Most accountants can do this to a greater or lesser extent. Where The Accounting Studio are unparalleled is in our ability to then start to use that model.

Imagine having a number of options and plans and being able to see how each of this plans might play out running concurrently in the same model allowing a direct and immediate comparison and making decision making far more clear.

We can quickly and easily run scenarios of any level of complexity to run concurrently, so that you are able to see what key elements of you plan are the most risky, or have the biggest impact on your success.

We can overlay funding structures to see where the pinch-points for cashflow and loan covenant breaches, and undertake breakeven and realistic worst case scenario analysis to give you a great informed basis on which to make your decisions.

All this, and due to our unique approach and technical skills, means that we are able to produce this extremely quickly.

If you have some plans, and want to know what they might look like financially, and then see how they might look if things go well, or badly, come and have a chat with us to find out more about how we can help

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