Strategic Services

Longer term big ticket items that will make a huge difference to your business

Business Acquisition Support

Purchasing another business is an incredibly exciting, but complex and stressful time. Any business looking to take over another business will need additional support before, during and after the  transaction. Our unique background and experience in corporate finance, banking and industry makes us well placed to assist you in making sure that the business you […]

Business Planning and Scenario Planning

Tell us your plans and well paint you a picture Using our unrivalled expertise in financial modelling, we have the ability to take your ideas and ambitions, turn them into a financial model. Most accountants can do this to a greater or lesser extent. Where The Accounting Studio are unparalleled is in our ability to […]

Decision Support

Make informed decisions with your eyes wide open Sometimes, where you have a large investment decision to make in your business, it’s useful to have a knowledgeable third party help you with it. Whether you are looking at acquiring a property, another business, investing in plant, machinery or IT infrastructure, The Accounting Studio can assist […]

Management Buy Out (MBO)

Being part of a management buy-out (MBO) is an exciting time. Whether you are part of the management team, or the owner looking to exit we can help you throughout the whole process. Often MBO’s involve a certain amount of finance, whether from private equity, bank loans and/or some sort of vendor finance. The Accounting […]

Risk Management

Plug the gaps in your business so that no matter what the world throws at you, your business can keep going. Risk management is often considered quite a boring a dry subject, but if Covid has shown us anything – failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Things don’t always go as planned, but taking […]

Succession Planning

If you are planning on exiting your business, it helps to have a plan, a time frame, and partners who can help with the process through that entire time. You may have identified a buyer, or maybe in the early stages of assessing your options. In any case, The Accounting Studio are on hand to […]


If you need you company valued, or you are considering acquiring another company and need that valued, The Accounting Studio can undertake a valuation of your, or someone else’s business, based on a multiple of valuation measures.  

Virtual Finance Director

For those business that either cannot afford a full time finance director, or who do not need the services of a full time finance director, The Accounting Studio’s virtual FD service may be just the answer you need. Charged on a time cost basis we can support you with our knowledge of your business as […]